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Vticket can provide a ticketing system to support all aspects of your business. Whether you are looking for just a few point of sale stations or a complete ticketing, revenue management and admission control solution, we have a product to fit your needs and budget.

Learn how Gateway's Revenue Generation Engine can help you increase your revenue.

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Vticket offers a variety of solutions for entertainment, transportation, and related industries.
Applications include:

• Themeparks and Water Parks
• Theatres, Shows and Events
• Zoos and Aquariums
• Transport

Select the modules that meet the needs of your operation and design a system that will work for you.

● Group Sales and Order Entry module
● Group Sales on the eGalaxy Web Store module
● Resource Management module – manage theatres, rooms, guides or other resources, and sell event tickets
● Pass and Membership module
● Payment Plans module - increase pass or membership sales and retention rates
● e-Commerce module for online sales
● Kiosk module - sell at remote, unmanned stations
● Retail and Food and Beverage modules - sell retail or food and beverage items
● Admission Control module - control or track admission to your facility
● eGalaxy Reseller Web Store module - take control of your reseller ticket sales
● Galaxy Upsell module - encourage guests to spend more
● Galaxy Loyalty module - reward your loyal guests
● eGalaxy Mobile Web Store and Galaxy Roam - expand your market using an integrated mobile solution

Consolidate Ticketing, Food and Retail Sales Through a Single, Integrated Point of Sale Interface

In addition to ticketing, you’re managing other areas of revenue such as gift shops, snack bars and guest services. When each revenue area uses the same system for managing sales, tracking customers and groups and providing reports, a dramatic cut in costs and an increase in productivity can be realised.

Keep Lines Short with Quick and Easy Checkout
Galaxy’s graphical interface lets you quickly and easily add items to a transaction through full colour, simple-to-use graphical menus or by scanning a barcode.

Never Lose a Sale by Offering Flexible Payment Options
Manually enter payments or scan credit cards for immediate processing. Galaxy supports all your tendering needs, including integrated credit card processing.

Design Your System the Way You Want It
Control the database design of your system, including ticket and item configuration, the visual design of tickets, Galaxy menu design, and point of sale functions.

Order Entry...
Efficiently Manage Reservations, Advance Bookings and Group Visits

Order Entry - Gateway Ticketing Systems

Galaxy Order Entry offers your guests the convenience of advance booking. Combined with Galaxy Point of Sale, Order Entry provides the tools necessary to effectively manage your reservation and will call centers. From group sales to consignment ticketing, Order Entry will streamline your operations and system maintenance procedures.

With Galaxy Order Entry you can:
Seamlessly Process Advance Orders and Group Visits
Collect comprehensive data for advance sales, consignment orders, and group visits. Audit order activity and provide concise sales programs for all your customers.
Provide Quick Order Pickup
Pick up will call orders at any Galaxy Point of Sale or Galaxy Kiosk station. Collect guest identification during the quick pickup process.
Design Your Order Confirmations and Statements
Print full-color statements and confirmation letters for all orders. Design statements to meet the various order practices of your customer categories.
Easily Manage Your Back Office Orders with Order Manager
Manage all your back office order processes from one screen. Order Manager enables you to create and save filters with over 30 criteria. Filter orders and process for closure, deletion, printing statements, invoicing and issuing credit memos.
Process Advance Group Arrivals
View calendars in Group Visits, Reservation Viewer, and Event Availability functions to quickly seem availability of resources throughout your entire venue. Report detailed information on upcoming group arrivals.

Order Entry - Gateway Ticketing Systems

Support Diverse Customer or Provider Sales Contracts
• Assign item groups by customer category
• Enable sales agreement tracking
• Report order activity based on the applied sales programs
• Assign unique pricing rules to individual customers or customer categories
• Customize tickets with a group name and other information to add a personal touch

Unlimited User-definable Statements
• Uses Microsoft® Word document templates
• Print multiple statement formats from a single order
• Preview statements in Microsoft® Word before printing
• Automatically save statements to a file directly from an order
• E-mail statements directly to customer contacts
• Print statements and confirmation letters individually or in batches

Unlimited Form of Payment Groups
• Control the forms of payment accepted by the group sales department
• Adjust accepted forms of payment by customer category or individual customer
• Split payment among several orders and invoices
• Apply partial payments and deposits
• Create customer accounts with credit limits for printing tickets and selling items in advance
• View credit activity using multiple reports

Service Multiple Sales Channels
• Pick up will call orders from Galaxy Point of Sale or Galaxy Kiosk
• Place orders from an eGalaxy Web store
• Activate tickets at Galaxy Point of Sale
• Batch-print large consignment orders for third party resellers
• Track usage of tickets through Admission Control stations

Integrated Reporting
• Print summary and detailed reports by customer and customer category
• Monitor productivity with the Salesperson report
• Review major account activity with the Credit Activity report
• Print detailed group arrival information
• List will call orders that have been picked up
• Track consignment ticket usage and order breakage

Increase Your Revenue without Increasing Your Overhead

Gateway Self Service Kiosks - Gateway Ticketing Systems

Galaxy Kiosk provides an additional way to earn revenue at local or remote locations. Guests can learn more about your venue while purchasing tickets for admission or fulfilling Web or will call orders. Galaxy Kiosk purchases are quick and effective without adding employee overhead.

With Galaxy Kiosk you can:
Increase Your Revenue and Your Exposure
Advertise your venue and sell tickets and memberships at local or remote locations. Choose from a variety of durable, industry standard kiosks that can be customized with your graphics, and that suit a particular physical environment.
Guide Customers Through Kiosk Transactions
Custom graphics and sounds take customers step-by-step through the transaction flow. Recommend additional tickets to purchase with up-sell capabilities.
Provide Quick Purchase and Order Pick Up
Select tickets from user-defined categories. Pick up orders created online with the eGalaxy Web Store or by the reservation will call center.
Print Tickets and Receipts Immediately
Print tickets and receipts directly from the Kiosk. Thermal ticket designs can be the same as those purchased at the front gate.
Confirm Order Details in the Purchasing Process
Enhance your customers' purchasing process by confirming order details prior to completing the transaction. Kiosk screens are designed to enable guests to move forward and back in the transaction flow in order to make changes.

Gateway Self Service Kiosks - Gateway Ticketing Systems

Easy-to-use Interface
• User-definable transaction flow leads customers through the purchasing process
• Group tickets by category and sub-category for easier selection
• Promote tickets with up-sell features
• Purchase tickets with credit cards
• Quickly retrieve online and phone will call orders
• Distributes guest queues away from ticket windows during peak periods
• Integrated user-definable ticket printing
• Supports Resource Management

Increase Marketing Reach
• Advance purchase of timed capacity events
• View available events in calendar view
• Immediately see available capacity for any event

Integrated, Comprehensive Sales Channel Solution
• Define ticket and item categories
• Pick up orders placed through eGalaxy Web Store or Galaxy Order Entry
• Order fulfillment and revenue statistics are available from integrated reports
• Data is centrally configured and maintained through Galaxy Point of Sale and Manager's Workstation
• No service or per ticket charges

Supports a Variety of Peripherals
• Magnetic stripe reader
• Touch screen monitors
• Ticket printers
• Integrated credit card authorization

Online Sales and PrintAtHome Tickets

eGalaxy Web Store - Gateway Ticketing Systems

eGalaxy Web Store expands your sales capacity to multiple channels, including front gate box office, telephone sales centers, and Internet e-commerce. Seamlessly integrated and customizable, eGalaxy Web Store integrates with Galaxy Revenue Management, Admission Control, and Order Entry to provide complete online sales from ordering to fulfillment.

With eGalaxy Web Store you can:
Add an Online Sales Channel
Take your sales and marketing channels online with Internet ticketing and e-commerce.
Interface to Galaxy Order Entry
Manage and fulfill online orders in Galaxy Order Entry. eGalaxy connects to Galaxy Order Entry using HTTP SSL and XML technologies for easy firewall configuration and secured transactions.
Provide Guests with Real-time Event Purchasing and Pass Renewal
eGalaxy connects directly to Galaxy Resource Managed events for real capacity-managed sales. Guests can easily renew their memberships or update contact information with eGalaxy and Galaxy Photo Pass.
Offer the Convenience of PrintAtHome Tickets
Once guests have purchased their tickets online, they can choose from multiple delivery methods, including PrintAtHome. Tickets can be immediately emailed to them as a PDF, and printed out on a home or office computer. No more waiting in line at admissions!
Use Full Color Product Graphics and Descriptions
Display your retail items to their fullest with graphic images. Associate a larger picture and additional information with each item to encourage the customer purchasing decision.

eGalaxy Web Store - Gateway Ticketing Systems

Easy-to-use Web Interface
• Associate tickets and items with a digital picture and additional descriptive details
• User-defined categories simplify shopping
• Guided checkout process with billing and shipping forms automatically populates for repeat customers
• Print tickets on home printers
• Integrated promotional offers for marketing partners
• Apply valid discounts to orders

Resource Managed Ticketing
• Advance purchase of timed capacity events
• View available events in calendar view
• Immediately see available capacity for any event

Pass Holder Features
• Renew a pass
• Update pass contact information

Web Store Management is Secure and Centralized
• eGalaxy Web Store connects to eGalaxy Server with a secure Internet connection
• Secure Socket Layers and TCP/IP address matching
• Galaxy Manager's Workstation provides a centralized point of management for Web publishing Customized Brand Matching
• Graphics and design fit into your existing Web site
• Support full-color images of all products
• Customizable confirmation e-mails
• Fully customizable PrintAtHome tickets delivered as PDFs

Web Publishing Integrated with Back OfficeManagement Tools
• Define ticket and item categories
• Publish tickets and items set up through Galaxy Point of Sale
• Control delivery methods per product
• Set Galaxy Point of Sale tax rules

No Third Party Charges Imposed
• No service fees or per ticket charges
• Order fulfillment and revenue statistics are available from integrated reports

Industry Standard Platforms
• Microsoft SQL Server database allows for the production of customized reports
• Microsoft .Net™ Framework
• Extensive number of third party tools can edit, archive, and replicate data

Increase Your Revenue and Save Time with Galaxy Payment Plans

Galaxy Payment Plans makes it easy for guests to purchase passes, tickets or retail items by offering flexible terms of payment. It helps streamline your business by automating the billing and pass renewal processes.
An integrated Payment Calculator allows you to present a number of specific payment plan options to suit your guest's financial needs. Ticket sellers and guests can view payment options for purchases in the Point of Sale (POS) transaction window with Galaxy’s Payment
Calculator. Once guests choose their preference, the ticket seller can apply the down payment (if any), tender the transaction and print the contract.

With Galaxy Payment Plans you can:
● Maximize Your Revenue by Making it Easy to Buy
● Provide guests the opportunity to pay for purchases over an extended period of time.
● Offer flexible terms of payment and achieve sales volume increases.
● Create and Maintain Your Own Custom Payment Plans. You set the terms of the plan. Create multiple plans to offer guests maximum flexibility: Provide them with different options to pay off a contract.
● Set Up Your Payment Plan Quickly and Easily with the Payment Plan Wizard. Galaxy’s Payment Plan Wizard walks you step-by-step through the payment plan setup process.
● Improve Customer Retention with Automatic Pass Renewal. Reduce non-renewals by minimizing the number of times a guest has to make the decision to buy. Make it easy to renew with automated pass renewal.
● Increase your efficiency by automating the Billing Process. Automate recurring payments, billing statements and credit card reprocessing.
● Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Increase Sales with the Payment Calculator. Offer greater flexibility and easy comparison of payment plan options when making a purchase based on a payment plan. Increase sales by making it easier to buy with specific payment options.