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Vticket - Gateway Ticketing Systems

As a transport company, you understand the value of having control of your own fare and scheduling data – control that can significantly impact your bottom line. Gateway Ticketing Systems' comprehensive revenue management and admission control systems provide the control you need through a comprehensive solution for bus companies to control their data, as well as their revenue and security.
Manage and monitor reservations, sales and retail from one central location, and track sales whenever and wherever they take place. By implementing the Gateway Ticketing Systems revenue management and admission control solution you’ll have the tools to improve operations efficiency, enhance your passengers’ experience, cut costs and significantly increase sales.

Automate Your Scheduling and Fares
Galaxy for Transportation makes it easy for your agents to issue tickets from any valid origin to any valid destination. They simply enter the trip information, and Galaxy displays schedules and fares in seconds, even when multiple schedules and carriers are used to reach the destination.

Quote Tomorrow’s Fares and Schedules Today
Accurately quote and sell tickets for current and future dates. This allows a ticket purchased on Wednesday for travel on Friday to be sold at the correct fare, on the correct schedule.
Provide Specific Trip Information to Your Passengers
Attach schedule coupons to a passenger’s ticket to provide both summary and detailed information about their trip.
Anywhere-to-anywhere Scheduling
How much time do your ticket agents spend looking up schedules? With Galaxy for Transportation, all they need to do is enter the trip origin and destination, and Galaxy does the rest. Schedules and fares for any valid origin and destination are displayed in seconds.

Consolidate Revenue Management, Tracking and Reporting with a Single, Integrated Point of Sale System
In addition to ticket sales, you may be managing other areas of revenue such as the sale of retail items. When each revenue area uses the same system for managing sales, providing schedule coupons for passengers and creating reports, a dramatic cut in costs and an increase in productivity can be realized.

Streamline Your Business with Point of Sale
Sell, refund, or reissue a ticket, record a driver’s cash collection, issue a baggage tag or PTOs/PSOs, or sell a t-shirt. Galaxy for Transportation POS software does it all in one comprehensive package.
Keep Lines Short with Quick and Easy Payment
Galaxy’s graphical interface lets you quickly and easily add items to a transaction through full colour, simple-to-use graphical menus or by scanning a barcode.
Never Lose a Sale by Offering Flexible Payment Options
Manually enter payments or scan credit cards or checks for immediate processing. Galaxy supports all your tendering needs, including integrated credit card processing.
Design Your System the Way You Want It
Control the database design of your system and the visual design of tickets, Galaxy menu design, and point of sale functions.

Expand Your Sales Capacity with Internet Sales and Remote Ticketing
Increase your sales capacity to include multiple channels, such as telesales, Internet sales and kiosks. Galaxy provides you with not only ticket purchasing options, but with complete sales capacity - from ordering through fulfilment.

Add an Online Sales Channel
Take your sales and marketing channels online with Internet ticketing and e-commerce.
Increase Your Revenue and Your Exposure
Sell tickets at local or remote locations using kiosks. Choose from a variety of durable, industry standard units that can be customized with your graphics, and that suit a particular physical environment.
Provide Quick Purchase and Order Pick Up
Orders created online or by the reservation call centre can be conveniently picked up at kiosks.